Comprehensive Appraiser Panel Management

The Admin Staff at T Davis and Associates do not "reward" their panel appraisers on the basis of doing the assignments the "fastest and cheapest".

They do get graded for accuracy in value conclusions, and completeness in information.

All have local experience and are selected on their performance. We believe that an appraisal should be “Self Contained” for information, and that the client should not have the endless questions about the appraisal after reading. Controversial adjustments, such as location adjustments and condition adjustments should be explained. The value conclusion explanation or final reconciliation should be concise and understandable.

We demand two items out our appraisers "Be well researched and well documented" in your approaches to all assignments.

When receiving assignments, our appraisers will typically call the homeowner within 24-48 hours to schedule the appointment. The appraiser then notifies our Admin Staff the day, date and time of the inspection, and of the estimated time of delivery. The Admin Staff, then immediately posts to an independent 3rd party website or by email directly the current status of the assignment.

The appraisers will also notify the Admin Staff, of any delays beyond their (the appraisers) control.

Working couples are very typical in the Counties we cover, and arranging times to meet for appraisal inspections, sometimes gets delayed by their schedules. This will get relayed to the client immediately as well.

The assignment is usually completed within 24 to 48 hours after the initial property inspection. We also do "rush" appraisals for special cases, people leaving on vacation, purchases etc. T Davis and Associates has been meeting client deadlines since 1987.

The appraisal then is sent via an independent website and can be sent in any application the client needs. PDF, XML, ACI, Mismo, VSS, Lighthouse etc.